Thursday, March 28, 2019

We need more bars

Drainage, roads, and utilities are essential if your community wants to grow or influence how it will grow. However, it seems, that one other thing needs to be included: wireless connectivity.
That’s your mobile phone, plus if you wirelessly stream, surf or access or transmit data.
In Wharton, Texas, some people are happily connected. Some are not. The new AT&T tower (near where I live) has not swayed opinions much. It’s still split.
We, at the chamber of commerce, want Wharton to have A-plus connectivity, for the satisfaction of those who already live or work here, and for the satisfaction of offering high quality connectiveness to prospective businesses and residents.
We continue to collaborate to make it better. So, I invite you to lunch. Dwight Silverman, the technology editor of the Houston Chronicle, will be the speaker at our next Lunch and Learn on Tuesday, April 16. Come hear him give his take on all of this. Ask him. Tickets are $15. Call us (979-532-1862) or come by the chamber office to get yours.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

A Trip to Wharton

We might have made history. Our last tour group came farther than any we can remember, all the way from McAllen, Texas.
It was a bus of 14 people from Chuck Olson Tours and Cruises, which likes to plow the sites along the U.S. 59 corridor for their customers. 
Kim Peikert, the chamber’s office manager, serves as our official tour guide and loves every opportunity to serve as our host to our tour groups. It was her second tour group in just two weeks.
The Chuck Olson group spent two days here and stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn Express.
Their stops included the Wharton County Courthouse; the Morris Carriage Museum, with Billy Rogers as guide; the Southern Pacific Railroad Depot, with William Loocke as guide; and drive-bys of the Dan Rather House and the TeePee Courts.
They dined at 9’ers Grill and Hinze’s Country Kitchen.
Kim put it best in her Facebook post: “We were very honored to have them visit Wharton.”