Monday, April 6, 2020

How do you know what you know?

Be very careful about automated calls all together, like this one asking you to "verify your business with Google." It starts with "please do not hang up." A good rule of thumb, perhaps, is do not give out privileged information over the phone unless you initiate the phone call.
More advice:
Before you believe something is factual, pause, and ask yourself "how do I know what I know?"
"Someone told me. "I heard." Those are red flags!
A short point:
I remember the training for young journalists used to be: "if she says she's your mother, check it out!"

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Feb. 18 Expo aims at assisting employers, teens and job seekers

Feb. 18 offers a unique opportunity to showcase your business, look for qualified people to work for you, or to look for a job or a new career for yourself.

It will all be at the Wharton County Business Expo & Job Fair, Tuesday, Feb. 18, at the Wharton Civic Center. 

About 45 exhibitors will be on hand to promote their businesses and employment opportunities. Exhibitors can sign up now. 

Also, Wharton County high school students will learn about skills they need to seek summer employment or a career. The students also can visit directly with the exhibitors. Those who attend the job fair — students and non-students — should dress to interview. It’s best to bring a resume. Entry is free.

Exhibitor space is free. It is open both to businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations who are employers. Call 979-532-0999 for more in-formation or to be sent a one-page registration sheet. The registration sheet also can be found at

Harvey business recovery grants available

For some, Hurricane Harvey is a memory. But for others, lives are still trying to recover.
We are the Wharton Chamber of Commerce. We are focusing on the business end. But not alone. We are collaborating with the Wharton Economic Development Corp. The chamber, itself, formed a non-profit corporation called the Wharton Small Business Relief Fund, which has awarded small business grants and which is channeling interest free loans.
Now another opportunity has risen for small businesses still recovering from Harvey. 
It’s new grants from $50 to $250,000. The application is simple. You can find out more at a short presentation, and free lunch, at noon Monday, Jan. 13, at 9ers. Help is here, but don’t wait too long. 

The application deadline is March 2.